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Walnut Commons in the News

October 9, 2014
Good Times
Why Not Commons?

May 16, 2013
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Responsible Living Project

March 4, 2013
Good Times
Walnut Commons Breaks Ground

March 1, 2013
Santa Cruz Sentinel
New housing development ready to build in downtown Santa Cruz

February 25, 2013
Press Release
Groundbreaking Ceremony Announcement

January 15, 2013
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Barry Swenson Builder expects busy 2013 in Santa Cruz County

July 2, 2012
Santa Cruz Weekly
Home Economics of Walnut Commons

September 2, 2011
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Residents plan cohousing condos in downtown Santa Cruz: Walnut Commons owners looking for the very neighborly

February 14, 2011
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Developer discusses planned cohousing development in downtown Santa Cruz

August 26, 2011
Press Release
Finally! Cohousing comes to Downtown Santa Cruz

Walnut Commons History

December 2014
Sold out
All units have been sold

July 2014
Welcome Home
The first residents started moving into the building

May 2014
White Report issued
The California Bureau of Real Estate issued its Final Public Report allowing sales of individual condominiums.

March 2013
Construction begins
Groundbreaking Ceremony was March 1, 2013.

October 2012
Final plans submitted
Build plans submitted to planning department; approval expected in three to six weeks.

July 2012
Prioritization complete
Prioritization Workshop w/Chuck Durrett. Group puts together a prioritized list of items such as solar, quartz counters, outdoor kitchen, etc.

July 2012
City Council approval
City Council gives unanimous approval of the project

July 2012
Equity members expand
Walnut Commons reaches 13 equity members

June 2012
Planning Commission approval
Planning Commission approves of plans/project

April 2012
Begin detailed drawings
Reached goal of ten members minimum to begin detailed drawings

August 2011
Common space design workshop
Group meets with Charles Durrett for unit/common house design workshop

July 2011
Initial design proposal
Charles Durrett describes cohousing and presents initial designs to interested community members at public meeting at Museum of Art and History

July 2011
Land purchased
Walnut Commons LLC purchases lot from city for $885,000, in partnership with Jeff Major and Green Valley Corp. (Barry Swenson Builder), together forming Walnut Commons Development LLC

June 2011
Walnut Commons LLC
Walnut Commons LLC is formed with group of 4 equity members

May 2011
Preliminary sketches
Charles Durrett delivers preliminary design sketches, based on workshop with group, for up to 21 units plus common space

May 2011
Charles Durett meeting
Group meets with Charles Durrett, cohousing architect and author of the book Creating Cohousing, to work on initial site design of building

May 2010
Land proposed
City proposes that cohousing could be built on Church St. by the public library (prior to suggesting our current lot)

March 2010
Developer chosen
Group chooses Jeff Major, a local real estate developer, as a project manager to guide building a cohousing development in the downtown area

January 2010
Project delayed
Condominium project delayed by developer, group looks for alternatives

June 2009
Group forms
Initial group forms around proposal to purchase a group of newly built condominium units on one floor on Pacific Ave. as cohousing

Walnut Commons can be reached at 831-854-7206.